Evaluation Q6

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

To start of let’s talk about our thriller opening that we made in our groups. I think that overall looking at our opening which was a minute and a half did fit in as a thriller. This means it does show the different aspects of thriller conventions meaning that it was successful. But, the reason why we did well on the main opening is because before that we did a preliminary task. To do this we had a simple scene to film which included things like two people having a conversation with some camerawork added too it such as long shot, mid shot and more. From gaining experience of how to shoot a prelim gave me confidence and knowledge on what to do when it was time to make the thriller opening.

What did you learn from the task?

  • From doing the prelim task i learned quite a lot on how to do things. For example, i was able to identify the different camera shots that we learned in class before hand and was able to apply them whilst filming.
  • Another one is that before we started to do our prelim we were given a genre and and narrative but we were left alone to do the storyboard and planning on how we are going to show this. To do this it gave me more confidence to sketch out a storyboard and having a say in each clip.
  • Camera work
  • Team work
  • planning – props, costume, etc
  • Time keeping

Here are some of our TOP TIPs! From ME AND DALAKSALINE




  • From learning about continuity editing it gave me the understanding of how to include it when i made my opening sequence.
  • Whilst filming we did some similar shots we did from the prelim such as the close ups. The reason why we did this was because it capture the emotions of the characters very well. For example, in the prelim when me and Ola were having a conversation we had a slight close up but it was a proper one. This meant that next time when we did the opening for our film we had to show the camerawork properly so that it fits in with how we want to show it.
  • Also for the both task, we had used similar technical aspects such as the camera for filming the task and the macs for editing.
  • Storyboards was a key element when we did the prelim and the real film opening that we did as it was a structure to show how we are going to plan it out and include thriller conventions.
  • For teamwork we all contributed and helped each other with different areas. It was easier for us to adjust to different setting and filming’s as we were already in the same groups. This meant we were already used to each other and know each others strengths and weaknesses.
  • To edit both prelim and the Thriller opening we used Final cut pro. As when I edited the prelim we were shown how to use the different tools and add different things to it such as the music by overlaying and changing the dynamics of the music. So, when it was time to edit our media product I was more confident as it was very helpful for me as an individual.
  • During the prelim and for our film opening we filmed using the same exact camera. This meant that we were already aware of how to handle that specific camera and we were able to film easily without struggling.


  • The prelim task was quite simple and we didn’t really need to film loads of clips to add to the prelim. This meant that it was easier for me to make the prelim video short and within the set time for under 2 minutes. However, when we filmed our final media product we filmed loads of clips from different angles and prospective as we wanted to make it look like a thriller. Since, we had more scenes and the storyline was more complex and when we edited we only added the main parts to it without going over the time limit.
  • For our Film opening we filmed in two different locations whilst for the prelim we filmed in school which was easier as it was indoors.
  • Whilst we were filming outdoors it was more harder as I was in charge of filming Dalasksaline and I faced loads of obstacles. One way was that in the streets while I was filming there was background noises and it was raining. This meant that I had to stop filming and wait for sometime before we filmed again as it wouldn’t effect the continuity of the film.
  • One main difference that I thought was shown throughout the making of the real media product was that we were communicating more using WhatsApp and messages to contact one another. The reason for this is because we all wanted to achieve the best and make sure that everyone knows what they are doing in the filming stages as well as editing.
  • E.g. I was left in charge of the camera and most of the filming was me. This meant that I was one of the main person that had to be around




Evaluation 5

For this evaluation question 5 i did a poster on the different types of technologies that i used thought each stage which was pre-production, production and post production.

Pre- production- This is what technologies we used while  we were at the planning and research stage.

Production- These were the technologies used when we were filming

Post-Production- These were the technologies we used when we finished filming

How I used each technology and what I learned from the process:

  • During all the stages of production one technology which I used thought is WordPress. This meant that I updated my blogs as I went through as I was adding to my planning and research documents. This was actually very helpful as then I was able to have a clear idea of things I already looked into. For example at the pre-production stage we looked into different locations to film and at the production stage I was able to refer back to that post to help me get to the location correctly.
  • At the production stage we mostly contacted each other through mobile phones to get information from each other. This was very important as this was the only way of communication that we got. From this process I learnt that it is very key to be able to get hold of the other person as when you’re planning to meet a specific location at a particular time.
  • Whilst we were planning to film on a day Ola was going to originally come to the filming of our opening but on that day she cancelled out due to some issues and the only way she was going to contact us was through using a mobile device by a text message. This shows how we are relay on our technologies to get us through day to day life.
  • Whilst doing my Blogs I used a new software which I wasn’t used to but I really liked how easy it was to use by the end of it. The site was called Prezi this was a fun and creative way to present my ideas which was very beneficial for the evaluation tasks summarising around it.
  • Another technology I used was Final Cut Pro this was interesting to learn as there was different aspects to it which I learned throughout the editing process. During the editing stage I was able to use different tools e.g. translations, music, titles, etc. By the end of the editing stage I was very confident on using final cut which was a good outcome.





question5Technologies = open link to word

13 Reasons Why!!!!


GENRE- Teen drama mystery

“Newcomer Katherine Langford plays the role of Hannah, a young woman who takes her own life. Two weeks after her tragic death, a classmate named Clay finds a mysterious box on his porch. Inside the box are recordings made by Hannah — on whom Clay had a crush — in which she explains the 13 reasons why she chose to commit suicide. If Clay decides to listen to the recordings, he will find out if and how he made the list. This intricate and heart-wrenching tale is told through Clay and Hannah’s dual narratives.”


The show came out on Netflix a31WHYJP-master768nd was a immediate success as it started to spread to everyone as it started to trend and everyone is watching it. The best part of it all was that they released the episodes all in one go which was really good since we didn’t have to wait each week early to see what happens next. All 13 episodes and the special were released on Netflix on March 31, 2017.

In the show the main focus was the tapes as it contained all the answers to why she committed suicide and they all had to listen to them and pass them along. there was 13 episodes and 7 tapes but there was 2 sides A and B.


Evaluation Q4

To do this i first brainstormed the demographics and how we categorize audience firstly then we did a vox film together asking some students on what they think about the thriller film opening we made as a group



The benefits of  having  me and Dalaksaline starring in the film . . .

This may attract a particular audience as me and Dalaksaline portray characters who are from ethnic minority group which means Asian girls would be involved in watching the film and helping it get recognised as this isn’t a thing which happens on a regular basis. As well as people from an Asian background are associated with a stereotype which is that the only thing they want to be in life is a Doctor or something medical related because of their parents. However, having this film it would mean that we are telling Asian girls that you don’t have to be a certain way or have a particular skin colour to star in movies. Even, it also encourages young girls that are from ethnic groups that this career path is an option for them if they want to pursue them in life.

What effect does it have on the audience?

To conclude, i think the feedback is very important after you make a film as i think it is a way of reflecting back on things to see if it does go along with the theme of Thriller and if your audience agrees with it. From our feedback they did mention that our opening did have aspects of Thriller conventions throughout. One example being the use of color as we used black and white throughout ours and it added to the convention as most horror/thriller movies tend to be dark.

Evaluation Q3 – What media Institution might distribute your product and why?

For this evaluation question 3 we made a poster (show below) that showcased the film opening we made and i annotated around it using prezi which is a different way to present my answer which came out well

THE LINK TO THE PREZI I MADE UPDATED: http://prezi.com/bavemzdwmznd/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy


How small British films are distributed and how this will influence your decision.

One of the challenges facing British films is distribution.  In the UK film distribution is dominated by the Big Six American studios.  They are consistently the top six distributors in Britain every year.  As the studios are vertically integrated in terms of production and distribution this makes it harder for non-studio films to compete.

However, developments in technology affecting distribution may make it easier for independent films to reach their audiences. e.g. direct distribution

  • Through online platforms such as YouTube for free
  • Netflix – Paid subscription
  • Film Festivals
  • ITunes
  • Screenings with Q&As

Here are some reasons behind the marketing and distribution choices we have made:

  1. Social Media – This was one of the key marketing technique that we were going to use let others know about our film. The reason why we as a group choose to market on the social media platform was that there is a huge audience and the message is able to spread immediate withing seconds if its seen popular. Moreover, for example social networking sites such as Twitter is able to communicate to a vast audience and if you get people to re-tweet things you want such as the link to the trailer or something to get people to watch the trailer we are able to get them to do thing to get them talking. On sites like that we are also able to get things TRENDING which is a huge bonus as then people will start talking and the word of mouth will get through peers and others around them.
  2. Direct Distribution (YOUTUBE)-  For our film i choose that it will be ideal for us to do direct distribution. The reason why I chose this is because our target audience mostly watch videos on YouTube and as its a huge platform we would be able to upload the film as well as trailers to get them talking. This method is easier and its more cheaper to do and you get profits at the same time by ads appearing on screens.
  3. Having small screenings- This method is somewhat helpful for us as this would mean that we are able to show our film to smaller groups that we are aiming to target and potentially get good feedback from them.

yti                                                                                  This is a poster which i helped make with Dalaksaline for our group which we worked together on using a website called postermewall. 36-Notable-Twitter-Growth-Statistics

Evaluation Question 2

LINK TO WORD DOCUMENT- Representation Question 2 NEW

Representation in our media product

Looking at our media opening we could see that we only used female characters in our opening. This shows women in some ways are weaker and something always goes wrong for them. Throughout the scenes there was only one gender shown which was females and no males. This shows that males aren’t always the one that are starring as main characters from the start to the audiences.

The music that we used also represents the vulnerability stages that are shown towards the girl in the start as she is seen isolated in her own world reading the book whilst she walks across. The music at the start is subtle but it starts to increase slowly as the scene goes past. However, there is a sudden change of music the moment the book is seen on the floor and I go and pick it up. This key thing in this was to create the suspense to the audience making them think what’s going on and what happened to the other girl.


In our thriller opening we have included two different age groups. One being young teenager and another being an old lady. This scene is when they are seen talking to one another at the Oxfam bookstore about when the girl asks where the antique books are at. As well as teenagers are mostly associated to gangs and dressing in hoodies and such. However, in this film opening Dalaksaline the girl at the start it dressed not in hoodies but in casual dress code with jeans and a jacket. This shows that not everyone should be stereotyped into believing that it’s a norm that teens do thing like that when they technically don’t as everyone is different.

At the bookstore she is speaking to an older person in a nice way respecting people older than her this shows that she is a respectful teen as she has a positive attitude to the lady which helps her out when she asks a question. Another way is that it shows the girl being weak but also strong as a character. As I was the one filming I focused on getting low angles shots also to show in some cases she is smart e.g. Sainsbury’s clip when she walking down the stairs.


This shows two different groups of people in our opening. One shows a representation of an ethnic minority group as the main character is an Asian. Whereas, the other lady in the bookstore is British white. This shows that two different people from different backgrounds are able to communicate in a way without showing attitude or behaving in a disrespectful way. Therefore, Asians are not rebellious and should not be treated in a different way as everyone’s equal as our film opening clearly states.